Global supply chain

Provide customers with global supply chain services, guarantee customs clearance speed, cargo safety, aging stability, reasonable price of a dragon service.

China and Hong Kong

Equipped with all kinds of vans and special vehicles to meet the needs of customers.


Hong Kong and the domestic supply of warehousing services, provide short - term, long - term goods storage, first - level security monitoring, safeguard cargo safety.

Asean cross-border transport

Connect the asean countries and China's cross-border land transport network, providing efficient and long distance transport and sea and land transport services.

container shipping

We provide professional container transportation services for customers with import and export goods, based on important ports in the pearl river delta. The vehicle resources are abundant, can meet the customer import and export heavy ark transport demand! Provide efficient, punctual and safe transport services!

Sea / air transport

We have the international logistics and shipping, air transport companies signed a cooperation to provide customers with efficient logistics services!

Import and export agent

We provide convenient import and export agent, customs clearance service and contract for foreign trade.

Hengyuanda leads the domestic logistics industry Your most intimate logistics partner, to provide you with the best quality logistics integration supply chain management solutions
That's why you choose Hengyuanda!

Hengyuanda, pay attention to each customer on the details of the logistics requirements, your views is our driving force, your satisfaction is our honor!


Stable domestic, Hong Kong, warehousing services, with rich experience in warehouse management and professional management team, equipped with advanced information system and modern facilities, according to the different needs of customers, providing customers with goods storage, packaging, label and sorting, trunk line transportation, urban distribution and other services.
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Land transport

We can deploy 200 national transportation vehicles, 80 Hong Kong vehicles and sufficient local and inter-city distribution capacity. The transportation vehicle GPS track, strictly control the operation process, the vehicle in transit time, on the way stop, ensure that the delivery time is efficient and fast and safe. To provide customers with economical and practical train line, integration, and transport services.
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Import / export agent

Based on the shenzhen major ports: dahuang, man kam to, yantian, shekou, shenzhen bay, airport, guangzhou, etc., and owns the country's major port customs declaration certificate, in the form of one to one provide professional customs declaration, inspection declaration, foreign exchange settlement and export tax rebates and other import and export of one-stop services.
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Sea shipping

Maritime transport route has several advantages, from shenzhen, Hong Kong, guangzhou, zhongshan, foshan, Shanghai, tianjin set sail to the Middle East India and Pakistan, central and South America, Europe, Asia and so on around the FCL and LCL cargo. The attitude of professionalism and the professional management level, provide safe, accurate, economical and fast quality sea transportation and other services for customers at home and abroad.
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air transport

Stable air LCL cargo import and export services, heng source for more than choose the port of destination agent for the local well-known agent company, therefore can provide guaranteed destination services, there is no destination for high fees and other complaints phenomenon, in order to further cooperation with the customers to lay a solid foundation.
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Global supply chain

With a global vision, henyuda extends the supply chain system to the whole world and selects the most competitive partners around the world according to the needs of enterprises.
In our comprehensive, rapid understanding of the consumer demand at the same time, all over the world to plan, coordinate, and supply chain operation, control and optimization, the core enterprise and its suppliers in the supply chain and the core enterprise and its suppliers, distributors, and ultimately consumers rely on the modern network information technology support, to realize the integration of the supply chain and rapid response, to achieve the business flow, logistics coordination, in order to satisfy the demands of global consumers.

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Hengyuanda supply chain

Hengyuanda long-term commitment to supply chain services for domestic and foreign customers to provide professional, efficient and personalized supply chain services, including China and Hong Kong and domestic transport, warehousing management, import and export declarations, international freight forwarders. Companies adhering to the "integrity integrity, innovation and quality, customer first" service concept, adhere to the depth of integration of high-quality supplier resources, from the logistics storage, transportation, distribution, customs clearance, cross-border links quickly for customers to build the fastest and best quality logistics integration Supply Chain Management Solutions!


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